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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Masterpiece - Iban indie rock music revolution

...mulut madah sayau, tang pengerindu lenyau, aku ditu merampau nadai nuan irau, ukai amu sayau, ukai ku amu pengerindu tang ati ku cukup sinu, taja nuan enda sayau, taja nuan enda rindu, ku tetap ngenang nuan selalu... (Sinu, song by Masterpiece)

That's a piece of one of my favorite songs Sinu (mean Sad) by Masterpiece an Iban rock band hailed from Sibu. They're not new in Sarawak Iban's music scene, they have been playing around Sibu and other place for quiet some time just that only late last year that their song heard from the local Iban radio channels in Sarawak. This year their debut album, Merindang ke bintang has been released. Though it only contain 6 songs but this is one further step to widen their music influence in Sarawak and to push themselves further into Sarawak Music mainstream.

What I like about this band is that their music is not like typical Iban music (for Sarawak people they know what I mean hehehe). Their music is more updated and modern indie rock style in line with today's tune. Not many Sarawak's local musician have enter the local music mainstream with rock music but a lot in underground scene. Consist of five member namely Depha (vocalist), Kent (guitarist), Will (lead guitarist), Marcus (bassist) and Arnold (drummer), Masterpiece recorded their debut album with Masterjam Studio and Fish Farm records and this album (like other Sarawak local music album) produce in DVD MTV karaoke. This album has been mixed and mastered by Norman from Ethnic Trasmission and together with Daniel (also from Ethnic Transmission) put some touch to one of the song in this album. This album sold in selected stores throughout the states with a price of RM19.90 or maybe can contact them to find out where to purchase the DVD.

I'm glad Sarawak local band like Masterpiece managed to produce such a fine and different kind of song in local Iban dialect. We're used to rock song in other language but here in Sarawak not many dare to produce an album with a rock music concept in local dialects which I hope many more will come out of the underground scene to exposed their music in Sarawak's ethnics' dialect.

This is a good example of the new revolution in Sarawak's local music scene and I believe if things like this supported and promoted by other agencies will surely can help in bringing Sarawak and Sabah's local music to the national mainstream. One thing that is so special about Sarawak and Sabah music produce in local ethnic dialect is the dialect itself all unique and can be an alternative to the music commonly produce in Malay, Chinese and Indian language. This is a healthy scene if our government is serious about local harmonies in diversities.

So back to this band, yes for those fans of Iban songs/Sarawak's ethnic dialect songs or those who love to try to hear something different from English, Malay, Chinese and Indian songs should check this band out. Go to their site HERE to know more about this band or go to or their fans club at or find them in facebook by searching masterpiece, they're contactable at email If any of you wonder how their songs sounds like press play button on the player below ;p free full song sample :)


Maxthine said...

Rod, nama brita kaban?
Ex-guitar Catastrophe tu..hehehe

Rodz Nocturne said...

Hehe Manah kaban. Nuan nya par?

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